Arts and Crafts societies.

Arts-Crafts societies. Organised and independent communities

Below is a selection of some of the best Art-Craft societies; on the web. If you want to be listed here please Suggest your site.

  • Coloured Pencil Society of America.Education, community, and exposure for artists who work in coloured pencil
  • American Society of Classical Realism Dedicated to the belief that only creativity grounded in discipline and years of intensive training, built on a rigorous and comprehensive knowledge of the past, can produce genius and the masterpieces of tomorrow.
  • Bead Society of Great Britain The Bead Society of Great Britain, (formed in September 1989), is a subscription-based, non-profit making, a non-commercial venture run by a permanent Team who work voluntarily. The Society is open to all those who have an appreciation, either private or professional, of beads ancient and modern, of all shapes, sizes, materials and colours; their techniques of manufacture, and their application. The Society numbers among its member's private collectors, researchers, dealers, jewellery makers, bead embroiderers, beadwork weavers (on- and off-loom), makers of beads, and many others - so there's a place for everyone!
  • Calligraphy and Lettering Arts Society. Calligraphy and Lettering can be learned and enjoyed by anyone who can write with a pen. A whole world of artistic enjoyment can grow out of a simple knowledge of the alphabet. A small amount of study can turn this into an absorbing passion, which follows the journey of writing through the course of history and turns the craft of the past into an art for the future.
  • SAC The Society of Arts and Crafts
  • SAA The SAA exists 'to inform, encourage and inspire all who want to paint...' whatever their ability, from complete beginners to professional artists. We help people to enjoy their art and give recognition to those who wish to advance by their own merit. We bring together artists worldwide and provide an opportunity for companionship and the exchange of ideas and information.
  • Suffolk Craft The Suffolk Craft Society was formed in 1970 to support and promote the work of contemporary designer craftspeople in Suffolk. The aims of the Society are to promote the value and importance of the crafts and to support individual craftspeople in the creation of their work
  • The Applique Society The Appliqué Society's mission is To Promote, to Teach, and to Encourage the Love of All Types of Appliqué in Quilting.
  • The royal society of miniature painters. Royal Society of Miniature Painters Sculptors and Gravers.
  • The Lake artists society. A society of fine artists based in the English Lake District.