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How to draw and paint-Free art lessons-drawing tutorials and Airbrushing lessons.

Learn to draw and paint.
Tutorials for artistic beginners up to advanced levels

Browse below to find great lessons on how to draw with tutorials on basic sketches to finished works of art. Within our list, there is also a tutorial on airbrushing containing free airbrush lessons, airbrush videos, how to articles and custom painting tutorials to help you achieve your artistic goals.

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  • Art reference-Art lessons-Drawing tutorials.

  • Art Apprentice online Live A Creative Life with Online Painting Classes
  • Fine Art and Art Movements. All you need to know about art periods, art prints, art galleries, and artist biographies
  • Art - Graphica Art instruction, free art lessons available in many mediums such as pencil, oil painting, pen and ink, drawing, charcoal, watercolours, graphite and acrylic paints.
  • Art lessons gallery. Free art and design lessons for artists of any age.
  • A Singular Creation (ASC) is a free online art community that promotes and showcases all types of art and artists.
  • Draw Paint Academy. My name is Dan Scott. My aim with Draw Paint Academy is to provide you with high-level art education which is easy to understand.
  • Draw space Lessons for all. From beginner to advanced.
  • Dueys Drawings. Here you will find drawing tutorials intended to teach visitors how to draw. These are free drawing lessons that I have made because I enjoy teaching others.
  • Female nudes. How to draw the female nude. A step by step tutorial on drawing the female body, the female face, breasts, arms, hands, legs, feet, and toes.
  • Figure and gesture drawing Free resource: Tools for self-educating artists
  • How to draw cartoons. Learn how to draw cartoon dragons, monkeys, monsters and more.
  • How to draw a portrait. How to draw a portrait in six easy steps. Drawing a portrait using a grid. Copying from a grid. Drawing from a photo.
  • How to draw and paint Tips and tutorials for artists of all abilities
  • How to airbrush. (Tutorials) Free basic airbrushing; lessons, how to articles, tutorials, tech tips and more covering airbrushing art and custom painting.
  • Oil Painting Techniques Learn How to Oil Paint, Oil Painting Techniques Lessons.
  • The Virtual Instructor Your online resource for free high-quality art lessons.
  • Painting tips and tricks Learn the best ways of how to paint, various types of paintings and some unique & awesome painting tips & tricks that are completely exclusive!
  • Pegasus Gallery (Free Art Promotion) The Pegasus Gallery is a non-profit internet art gallery. Their main goal is to help artists in different ways and promote art in general.
  • Water Colour Tutorials. How to paint watercolours
  • Will Kemp art school Free acrylic painting & oil portrait painting techniques, award-winning artist Will Kemp shows you the painting secrets of professional artists.
  • Paint Basket online Online Art Classes
  • Marville University The Art of Color: Color Wheel & Color Relationships
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