Paint by numbers. Learning how to paint.

All in all Paint by numbers has always been a great way for a beginner artist to learn how to paint. It teaches basic brush control and improves hand-eye coordination and observation skills which are an essential requirement for any artist. At the same time, it gives the user the ability to paint without having to worry about mixing or choosing the correct colours. Palettes are pre-chosen, so having no knowledge of mixing paints isn’t a concern. With each corresponding colour on the image clearly numbered thus making the application and building of the image easy.

I’m certain that any child that expressed an early interest in art, at some time or the other, received either as a birthday gift or Christmas present a paint by numbers kit.

Is painting by numbers cheating?

Many artists have used them in the early years of their developing into accomplished professionals. A lot say that they were instrumental in teaching them both brush control and paint application and helped them develop their skill.

Others, however, may consider paint by numbers to be cheating. Arguing that, with the image pre-printed onto the canvas or board and each colour pre-mixed and numbered and the design telling you where each colour goes, where is the skill? While others argue that art is art and therefore there is no such thing as cheating. Yet, Is it not the same as doing a cross-stitch project or following an embroidery design? Both of which require a certain level of skill and yet also require you to follow a set design that in a lot of cases is pre-printed onto the cloth or Aida?

The benefits of paint by numbers kits.

  • They are educational.
  • You don’t need to be artistic to do one.
  • Everything you need is provided in the kit.
  • The designs are easy to follow.
  • There is a very small margin for error depending on the design.
  • No previous knowledge of mixing paint is required.
  • It helps develop brush control.
  • Teaches you how to handle the paints.
  • It can help improve hand-eye coordination.
  • There are infinite subjects to choose from.
  • All levels of ability are catered for from beginners to advanced.
  • More advanced kits have shades and highlights that can help you develop your understanding of such things.
  • The satisfaction of having a beautiful work of art to show for your time and patience without the added pressures of all the design, setting out and colour selection.

What paint by numbers kits are available?

Paint by number kits come in all shapes and sizes and cover a wide range of subjects from child to adult giving you almost unlimited possibilities of things to paint. With all levels of ability catered for from beginner to advanced.

There are also so many kits available that they are inexpensive to purchase and can be found on market stands, in book shops, supermarkets and art supply stores. However, prices vary greatly depending on the quality of the materials provided and the intricacy of the painting. All in all, acquiring a paint by numbers kit cannot be any easier.

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Custom paint by numbers kits.

Have your own personal images transformed into a high-quality paint by numbers kit. Create your own works of art from your favourite photos by turning them into something that you can proudly display in your home, office or workspace. Alternatively, give it as a gift to someone you love. Whether it is a family portrait, a beloved pet or favourite landscape. Whatever the image it can now become a painted masterpiece. With high-quality custom kits using high-quality materials and a palette of up to 36 pre-mixed colours, you can now preserve your memories in the form of a stunning painting.

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