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The use of advertising space within your content.
Selling white space on your website.

How to make money from your website through selling advertising space.
Monetising white space in your web content.

The next thing I am going to do is free some space up on some of my higher ranking pages so that I can place a message offering advertisers the chance to advertise their products and services within the content of my pages. In return I request that they make a contribution which is usually agreed upon prior to placement of the advert and paid directly into a Paypal account.

I have been doing this for a while now and it has already worked for me. Below is just one example of how well it can work. I was contacted via a link on my page and offered $100.00US dollars to place three individual adverts on three of my pages. After careful negotiation the sum of $152.00 US dollars was finally agreed upon . (See Below).

How to recieve donations

This is a return customer.

Once I had received the adverts I waited for confirmation of the payment via my PayPal account and then created code snippets with the advert details within them. I then placed the pre prepared code within the content on the requested pages. All I had to do then was email the advertiser with the relevant URLs to let them know their adverts were in place.

It does work some times, just don't get greedy or you will quickly put potential advertisers off. Obviously the higher ranked or more popular the page the more chance you have of being approached and the more you can charge. It costs you nothing to set up, takes very little of your time to implement and does work. As proved above.

How to make money from your website:

To Sum up.

All of the information on all of the pages within these articles are provide freely. There is no payment required and no catch but please feel free to use the donation button at the bottom of this page if you have found what you have read beneficial. It is not iron clad and what works for some may not work for others but if you follow the simple instructions and implement them into your web site you may be surprised.
These simple montising methods have worked for me. They are not instant or guaranteed but in time you should start to reap the rewards for your hard work.

You will not make a million, or perhaps you will? and I wish you every success, but you might make enough money to cover the running costs of you website, and who knows perhaps you might even make a little profit for yourself which you can use to spend on yourself or to further develop your website and increase its earning potential. Everything I have suggested in this article I am doing myself and it is working for me. I haven't yet made a million and I doubt that I ever will. I have made a small profit which I plough straight back into my site. Any money is better than no money at all and we all have to start some where so I strongly suggest you give it ago.

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