WWII Type 22 modelling project for Ks2-Ks3 learning.

WWII Type 22 Pillbox model for Ks2-Ks 3 learning.

Free and easy to make WWII type 22 bunker diorama.

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Parent supervision required !!

For this simple WWII Type 22 bunker modelling project you will need:
An average Cereal sized Cardboard box or craft card.
Ruler or set square.
A craft knife or Scissors
Pencil or pen.
Acrylic or watercolour paint.
A paintbrush.
PVA adhesive or sticky tape.
Glue spreader or glue stick.
In the second part of this WWII Type 22 modelling project for Ks2-Ks3 learning we will be putting the WWII Type 22 Pillbox together.

Building a Model WWII land defence Pillbox.

Whether you are using a template that you have drawn and scaled yourself to create a diorama or the free Ks2 - Ks3 WWII Type 22 Pillbox template provided with this tutorial. It is now time to cut it out ready for assembly as I have shown below.

Free Ks2 - Ks3 WWII Pillox template for schools.

Firstly, carefully cut around all sides of the template making sure that you Do Not cut off the fixing tabs on the bottom and one side of the Pill box walls.  Note also: If tiny hands are doing this project then it might also be wise to cut the tabs slightly larger than shown.

Free WWII diorama model templates.

Once you have successfully cut out the template carefully fold each tab as shown below.

WWII Type 22 Pillbox modelling Free Ks2 - Ks3 WWII modelling ideas.

With the fixing tabs folded now fold the sides as shown.

Wartime modelling ideas for Ks2 - Ks3 learning. Free land defence modelling ideas. WWII  diorama modelling.

Secondly, using either P.V.A adhesive or a glue stick apply a thin coat of adhesive to each tab and hold in place until firm. Repeat this process until all sides are fixed as can be seen in the picture below.

How to assemble a free Ks2 - Ks3 Type 22 Pillbox model.

WWII Type 22 Pillbox modelling. Colour and realism.

It is now time to add colour and realism to the model. Most Pillboxes were made from either Concrete, brick or stone or whatever was available. They also had a cast concrete roof. They were then either left in their original finish or painted to make them less visible to the enemy. For this example I have chosen a brick finish with a concrete roof.

WWII Type 22 Pillbox modelling. How to assemble a model WWII pillbox.

Now using the tabs on the bottom of each wall you can either stick it to a cardboard base board or to make your free model WWII Pillbox look more realistic like the WWII Type 22 Pillbox model shown at the start of this tutorial, you can place into a scene.  In part 3 of this free Ks2 - Ks3 WWII modelling project you'll be creating your own model landscape using simple materials and then adding the pillbox to it.