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Our Aboutus page is a chronological account of the development of Art-Crafts-HobbiesandDIY. Beginning from its launch back in April 2006.and its change from a pixel advertising site to a source of Free art and craft educational resources.


This year we're hoping to increase our content with many more free educational craft projects for our How to make. and also to find some more quality links to great arts and crafts resources.


Wow! what a couple of years we have had to endure. We hope that you're all safe and well. As always we will continue to try to provide you with the content that you need for your learning journeys.


We would like to thank our regular visitors for their continued support and also to say welcome if you are new to arts-crafts-hobbiesanddiy. With the global pandemic ever present we would like to wish you all a safe and happy 2021.


Wow what a year and one that will go down in history. With this in mind we've added an extra resource providing links to help and support groups for those of us who are dealing with the effects of COVID-19. Find at the head of our pages in the navigation bar located next to the About us button.


This year we continue to refine our site to keep up with all the latest SEO requirements and to try to make it more user friendly. Also we are finding the costs of this free Arts and Crafts educational resource site a little high. With that in mind we will be using more monetising options. These include sponsored links and a voluntary donation button allowing donations of  up to £10.00 GBP to help keep this resource free. We wish you well and thank you for your continued support through using our free resources.


This year we have completely revamped the site to make it as responsive and easy to use as we can.

We've also installed an SSL certificate which will show up in your browser with the locked padlock symbol and a URL beginning https. You can now rest assured that any transactions, details or information you provide will be secure. Guaranteeing that you can use our site with 100% confidence.

We're also going to make a concerted effort to update and improve a lot of our existing content. Making it easier for you to follow our tutorials and quickly find the information you require.


This is our eleventh year online and without you our visitors this would not be possible.
Please continue to use our arts and crafts links resources. Also make use of the many free arts and crafts teaching resources we have available on our site. We're continually trying to build our resources and reference pages so if you stumble upon a great resource then please do let us know about it. We can then add it to ours.
As some of you know is a non-profit, self-supporting site. If you're a regular visitor or you're a first time visitor and you find the content we provide benefits your needs, please, please, please consider using our donation buttons. Find these at the bottom of many of our pages helping us stay live in the future. I am now also currently busy helping to launch our new Cross stitch finishing site for those of you who just do not have the time and need someone to finish your cross stitch. This can be found at Cross stitch Heaven which went live 30th August this year.


Wow, another year has flown by. Is it that I am getting older or are the days getting shorter.
Firstly I must thank you all for using arts-crafts-hobbiesanddiy over the years and I look forward to your continued support.
We're non-profit and self-supporting so if you are a regular user or you find the content we provide useful please, please, please consider using our donation buttons. These can be found at the bottom of some of our pages and help us stay live for the future.


Where has the time gone?
This year I'll try to maintain our site and keep all our free links, information and tutorials up to date. However it now seems that the more linked information you supply from sites outside of your own the lower you fall in the searches.
Despite this and a lack of funds, we'll continue to keep live for as long as possible. Please support in any way possible. You can do this by liking us, linking to us or making a small donation. To donate use the buttons on some of our content pages.

Have a happy and prosperous new year.


We are finally starting to claw our way back into approval with the search engines and hopefully, with your support we can achieve this.
Being now a small one-man run website. Run by me, a father of four and a stay at home dad, with little to no real coding or SEO experience other than what I have managed to learn over the years, there is no profit to be had. However as long as I know that I am providing a great resource for you the end user I will keep going and will strive to continue to improve the site.

As far as the coding and SEO goes, to be honest, I'm not even sure the most brilliant SEO experts and coders will ever be able to placate the mighty Google so I prefer, as a small independently run website, to just do things how I see them and hope I have not broken the sacred Google code.
We have had many requests for links and such like to be removed from our pages, for what reason I have no idea, so I know I am not the only one who is, at this time, struggling to stay afloat but I will not give up as long as I can earn enough to keep the site running.
I have recently been streamlining our scripts so that our page load times improve as I cannot afford to get it done professionally and I am now preparing to produce more content for you, our loyal users to benefit from, so watch this space and thank you for taking the time to visit my site,


Seven years and counting. Since our redesign, we have been hit by both Google's Penguin and Panda updates. We don't think it had anything to do with updating the script. It just fell at the time Google decided it was going to reign supreme and crush small website owners. So say in the name of a so-called better web experience. We have no idea why and are not even sure what we need to do to get back out there. However, with your continued support and our hard work, we shall endeavour to keep Arts-Crafts-HobbiesandDIY on the web.


Free art and craft eductional resources for children and adults.We have now reached our sixth year and are redesigning the site. We have changed our site logo and have brought Arty from off the dusty shelves and onto our site. We've also decided to step away from the traditional sidebar navigation and are instead opting to use a drop-down navigation system. We feel it will make things look neater and provide you, the visitor with a better web experience. It will also free up more space on our pages for more useful content. Plus it will provide our advertisers with more prime above the fold spaces to advertise their products, services, and materials.
As mentioned in 2011 we, unfortunately, have not yet managed to get our How To Make section up and running yet. Hopefully this year we can make a concerted effort to achieve this. Time fly's by and with the best intentions in the world we still don't seem can't keep up with it.


With another year gone so quick and a new year in the making, arts-crafts-hobbiesanddiy will continue to provide you with the information you require. We're now in the process of writing new tutorials. These will be added to our new How To Make section that we will be published ASAP. We will also continue to add new tutorials to our Beginners Guides, so keep visiting us as we continually strive to improve your experience at


It took nearly four years but we are now again a PR4 site with a page 1 presence in most major search engines under numerous subject related keyword searches. Most of our other pages sit within the first five pages of all the major search engines.

Like last year we'll continue to provide you the visitor with a reliable source of links and a cheaper alternative to advertising your sites and products by using our easy to use grid, and the introduction of our new feature adverts option. Our feature adverts option will enable you to advertise and promote your web site on any of our pages. Just choose from a selection of Ad formats that will enable you to do so. Each ad format has a fixed price, no matter where you choose to advertise on the site and no matter what page rank a particular page has. So if you would like your advert to feature at the top of a high page rank page then you will need to grab that spot before someone else does as once it is taken it's gone. Get your ad placement spot now. (Expired)

If you are just looking for a standard reciprocal link we now also have a free easy to use Free Link Exchange. (Expired)

If you'd like to place one of the above link options on our site. Please note that we'll only except subject related websites. We are not selling page rank. We only provide links and sell advertising to relevant subject related websites.

To reiterate, from 2008 we're totally committed to you the customer and want our services used to promote your site. We are cheap, we are fully hosted and paid up and we have no intentions to disappear overnight. Through our own experiences, we realised just how hard it is maintaining and running a website and how competitive, sometimes unethical and financially unrewarding it can be. So we decided to try to do something with the site that would be of help and use to others.

We have also decided to pursue other angles by producing tutorials of our own and have now started a section on How to make money online by using the space on your website to generate the income you need for your site to run itself. This section is based purely on the things that we have done to keep arts-crafts-hobbiesanddiy running itself. It includes a step by step guide to making your website pay for itself. It is not a Get rich quick guide.

(2009) Our Promise.

We are now entering our third year and will continue to provide you, the visitor with a reliable source of links and a cheaper alternative to advertising your site and products with our easy to use advertising grid. You may notice while visiting our pages that we try to keep things simple. Bells and whistles may work for some sites but we prefer a more nuts and bolts approach. This is Arts-Crafts-HobbiesandDIY, this is what we do. We're totally committed to you the customer and want you to use our grid to promote your site. We are cheap, we are fully hosted and paid up and we have no intentions to disappear overnight.
To advertise with us please visit and click the Buy Adverts button. (NO LONGER LIVE)

We wish you every success for 2009 and hope that you choose Arts-Crafts-HobbiesandDIY to advertise your site.

(2008) A New Start

We are now in our second year and have decided to develop into a fully categorised advertising and information directory. Being for the exclusive use of the type of customer that you too are aiming your products and content at. We're not re-developing our site to compete with you, steal your potential customers or direct them away from your pages.
It is my belief that " A site sells on its own merit, and through the hard work, commitment and dedication of its owner."

When first developing Arts-Crafts-HobbiesandDIY in April 2006 as a pixel advertising site we spent untold hours building and developing it. Building it to a standard where we were achieving a Google PR of 4 within the first 3 months while also covering our cost. That was without the assistance of SEO companies, paid links, ad words or any other high ranking software or assistance. It was just pure hard work and a growing customer base.

Harder times.

Unfortunately like many of you, we fell victim to a less than ethical host. Someone who not only took our money and ran but also left us in the dark and with a site that, by the time we had managed to piece it all back together, was no longer recognised by any of the search engines. Also most of our link partners had removed us from their pages for non-reciprocated links. Our customer base had all but disappeared as a result of being let down. Not being deterred another host was found and then we set about  reinstating all our customer's adverts and links. This time however despite what we believe were initially genuine intentions on their part, they went out of business. A result of the ever-growing demand for free or cheaper hosting. So again just before Christmas 2007, the site again disappeared.

Through our own experiences, we realised just how hard it is maintaining and running a website and how competitive, sometimes unethical and financially unrewarding it can be. So we decided to try to do something with the site that would be of help and use to others.

We have waited a couple of months during which time we have sought out a new host and have been redesigning and developing the site. We're now back online with a new idea and strategy that we know will be of benefit to the world of Arts Crafts site owners like ourselves.