The genuine masterpiece.

I have looked at thousands of paintings, photos and other interpretations of art by various artists to seek out what to me is a genuine masterpiece, but it wasn’t until yesterday that it dawned on me. Are we not all a genuine masterpiece in our own right? Are we not unique, do we not all have the ability to be influential, are we not all priceless and irreplaceable. Every part of us is a genuine masterpiece in its own unique and to a certain extent flawed way. Our uniqueness comes from the fact that we could never be exactly reproduced, in the same way, that with a work of art there can only be one original piece and any reproduction will never capture nor match its unique original quality.

We as humans can have the same effect on a person that a work of art can have, be it positive or negative, and our very presence can influence others who see us, be it pleasurable, passionate, repulsion or aggression. I am not talking about personality as that is a hidden aspect of who we are and can only be experienced through interaction. I am just referring to our pure physical presence, the moment when we are first noticed by a total stranger.

For example.

Have you ever passed someone in the street or spotted someone across the way and, at that very moment in time turned to glimpse them and then continued on your way? Have you thought Wow who was that, and been captivated and held on the spot, did you think, oh my god or thought, I wish I could look like that, did you just ignore them and take no notice what so ever of them or did they for some reason disgust or upset you. Did he or she make you feel happy or sad, jealous or possibly even offended, did you look at that person and find yourself being critical of them, of their appearance or their very existence. Did you think that you would have done something different. Used a different make up or hair color, wore a different outfit or combined different styles, or just have not bothered and stayed out of sight.

What would you have changed if you were them. Have you commented to those around on their appearance and drawn others into your thoughts and provoked a debate about their look or presence, or did their presence have such a profound effect on you that you have returned day after day to the very spot that you first glanced them in the hope to get another look.

All of the above are not dissimilar to how you would view a work of art and the effect it can have on you.

When you see yourself in the mirror what do you see. Do you stand there and criticize your every flaw and try to redesign yourself as an artist would toil over a piece, or do you see the unique masterpiece that you really are. There is, and never will be another like you. You are a genuine masterpiece, a one off and irreplaceable.

There is no price that can be put on you as you are priceless, as no monetary value could ever be legally placed upon you. You are irreplaceable and as with a genuine work of art you have the ability to leave your lasting impression on those who see you once you are gone.

In conclusion.

We as humans spend so much of our time seeking beauty and perfection in all that is around us that we seldom see what is right there in front of us. Our favorite subject seems to be each other, we strive to look and be like each other and yet little do any of us realize, there is no need. We are all in our own unique way a genuine masterpiece, a one-off that can never be reproduced.

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