I saw you looking. Erotic poetry

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I saw you looking.
Scrutinising me with every glance.
Staring with pearlescent eyes and holding my gaze.
What power do you possess that holds my attention and keeps me transfixed on you.
Studying every line and curve of you.
Building an indelible image in my mind so that I will never forget.
I try to portray you, but I am paralysed by you.
I can neither put to canvas nor imagine what I am trying to express.
My intention is there, but my mind cannot perceive the concept.
I will my body to execute, but I am frozen in the moment.
You sense my hesitation.
With subtle intention you adjust your position, changing the light, exposing more of you to me,
The presence you exude with your confident demeanour.
You are exposed and yet unafraid, unnerving my senses.
Quickly you sense the hold you have over me, as you dare my eyes to see you differently.
Teasing my thoughts.
Inviting my scrutiny and challenging me to find your inner soul.
How can I portray such perfection?
The subtleties of colour and line of your body as you sit motionless before me.
The tense heady atmosphere that transpires between us.
You will my hand toward canvas yet I cannot find composition.
Imagining in the moment how desperately I want it and how easily it could be lost.
To know that in a moment, I could capture it and it would always be there, never to be taken.
Held in immortal portrayal for all to see.
The tension is building with every second you are in the room.
Making me want, even more to capture it before you leave and it is gone forever.
We are lost in the moment.
Neither of us knowing the difference between reality and art.
I saw you looking.



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  2. I have been considering pretty much what you have said for some time and to be honest your spot on with your comment.
    My main problem is finding the time to do it as I always seem to be busy doing something else, hence why my articles are always well spaced out dates wise and for some, what might be considered thin on the ground. However this year I have decided to up my game and spend some more time writing and sourcing more articles and information for my site as I need to increase my income to be able to afford to keep it running.
    For some reason I am unable to read your full comment but thank you for your kind words.

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