Art is for everyone.

It is my humble opinion that art is for everyone. To be more specific the creation of art. The actual act of putting pencil to paper or paint to canvas. These are my preferences but art comes in many forms and endless mediums.

Why, because by doing so we are able to leave the world we are in, forget about all our fears, woes, and problems, leaving us free to indulge ourselves in a world of passion, creativity and make-believe.

For me creating art is like reading a book. Once we open the jacket and begin to read the first page we are no longer trapped within the confines of our everyday lives. We are the villains, the hero’s, the lovers and the dreamers immersed in a world of make believe with only our imaginations to limit us. The Dumbledores of the art world with the capability to conjure up infinite possibilities. For a brief moment in time, we are calm, relaxed and at one with ourselves, masters of our own universe with the endless potential to produce whatever we desire with the luxury of being able to be oblivious to all that is around us, and like reading a book we can pick it up and put it back down whenever we choose.

Art is a fantastic free way to destress, it helps you relax. It frees your mind of all the clutter of everyday life and allows you to escape within yourself. It improves your hand-eye coordination and helps you express yourself, your passions, your desires, it channels your emotions into something productive and worthwhile with an end product that you can be proud of and say “I made this”. Yes sometimes it can be frustrating and many times you will mess up but there is no pressure or expectations other than those you put upon yourself and like all things, the more you do it the better you will get.

So come on people, get some art therapy and start learning to enjoy your creativity, start expressing yourselves through art because like I said, art is for everyone.