If I get one more, single lined comment with a link to a pharmaceutical product I think I will permanently hit DELETE.

I mean, it’s not like we need to spend our every waking hour being bombarded by time wasters posting one liners with links to adverts that are designed to suggest to us that we are faced with an impending threat of being disfunctional, and that to be fully funtional we need to be permanently aroused. For starters where would any of us find the energy let alone the time for a life of permanent arousal, surely there are more important things to life than having to endure the discomfort of being permanently thrust against our under garments. I would never be able to queue again, for fear of impaling the person infront of me. Can you imagine it? “I’m ever so sorry sir/madam, I wasn’t being rude and I can assure you, really, I never meant anything by it, It’s just these pills you see, I’ve had them thrust (no pun intended) at me for so long now that I am totally convinced that I cannot be functional without them, and now I have no control over my functionality.” The last words, of which, are slipping off my lips as I am forcibly thrown into the back of a police car.

Besides, how I am I supposed to pee? Should I sign up on a gymnastics course so that I can perfect my hand stand technique, or do I have to look forward to a life of sitting on the toilet and being permanently jammed against the underside of the toilet seat. Not to mention the fact that I would probably need to start wearing wellie boots to keep my feet dry in case I didn’t quite make the bowl and hit the gap between the pan and the seat or just missed completely. Perhaps there is an upper and a downer for such occasions?? Blue for up. Pink for Down??

Come on, have we really evolved to the point where we are so gullable/desperate that time wasters think they can get away with it?

It seems essential to convince us that the only way to be functional is to be permanently aroused. Is that what I have to look forward to? A life spent pointing at the heavens from my trouser department, chafing against the fabric and being permanently aware that I have a visible bulge for all to see and that at any given moment I could explode from my trousers. Please god don’t let the zip be faulty. I’ll never be able to buy a cheap pair of jeans again.

Doesn’t anything else matter any more? Please tell me that there is more to life than whether I have functionality or not. Surely I can’t be condemmed to a life of permanent visits to my GP to sign up for my monthly supply of functionality.( Is functionality a word?) Oh and not forgetting of course all the other pills that I am told I might need along the way, you know, just incase. Plus, as well, I should imagine the risk of heart attack is greatly increased, after all somethings got to compensate for the increased blood flow to my nether regions and there’s always the case that when I did get to put my functionality to use, would, or could I stand the pace? Or is there a pill for that?

Where are the real people? I know you’re out there somewhere. The ones that are genuinely interested and have a voice and an opinion. Not the time wasters.

Your probably doing exactly the same as me right now. Having just read yet another flattering comment about how well you write. You check the URL and POW!! There it is again, DELETE, DELETE, DELETE. Will it ever stop?

So like me, you begin frantically typing away wondering if it’s all really worth it, hoping that the next time you get a response it will be relevant and will make it all worth while, the chance for a real relative constructive comment from someone who is actually interested in what you have to say and not what they have to sell. I hate time wasters

Before I finish, I must say without prejudice and with complete conviction that I am not being judgemental of anyone, and please don’t get me wrong or take offence,it’s each to their own, I respect that, and yes some peoples needs are greater than others. If we were all the same life would be really boring . It’s just that I have had enough now. GO AND WASTE SOMEONE ELSES TIME!




It’s only a tree??

I was out walking the other day when a tree that I have past almost every day for years suddenly caught my eye.
Standing as it has done for hundreds of years in its own private little plot, silent and majestic in the middle of a vast open field. Its giant trunk anchored firmly to the ground by a maze of entangled roots, living tentacles mirroring its immense bulk, burrowed deep into the ground and constantly clawing at the soil seeking out its nourishment, unseen and yet crucial to its survival. Huge branch’s like giant limbs gracefully bowing to the floor playing host to an entanglement of smaller twigs covered with a plethora of individual delicately coloured autumnal leaves in shades of green, brown, yellow, orange and red, with the sun sitting low in the sky highlighting and illuminating every detail of its form as it stands statuesque against the landscape.
As I gazed upon it, I thought, Wow, why have I never noticed it? I have passed this way more times than I can remember and yet It has never demanded my attention before. But, in that moment, there I was, mesmerised and inspired and feeling a huge need to capture the image and commit it to something more lasting so that I could possess it and keep it forever.
However almost immediately after my initial reaction, and completely out of nowhere I thought WHY? Why do I need to possess it, what is it that makes me want to own the moment. Can I not just enjoy it and appreciate it for what it is today? Tomorrow the tree will still be there and there will be a different picture for me to see, and different emotions for me to feel as with the passage of time, all things change.
As I continued on I began thinking about art. Is art really about the moment, an impulse, a sudden flash of inspiration, a eureka moment if you like. The moment when the sun hits the leaves and the tree explodes into colour, demanding your immediate attention and triggering a multitude of thoughts and emotions in the subconscious that initiates the desire to want to capture and possess it so that it will never be forgotten. Or is art more about preconceived ideas, planned conscious decisions executed in meticulous detail by the artist. The privilege that allows the artist to carefully choose and manipulate their subjects and then through exacting technique and use of colour and perspective, present them in a way that suggests to us what they really are and how we should see them. The artist’s way to stop us in our tracks and demand our immediate attention, forcing us to question our own perspective of the piece.

This is a tree. It’s only a tree??

Art on the emotions.

What effect does art have on the emotions?

A work of art can depict many things, document many historical events, tell many stories, and in a lot of cases shed light or provide us with a fleeting glimpse into the lives of the artists themselves. How much passion, guilt, or betrayal is there depicted throughout history in the art world, for example, many of the greats were known or believed to have used their lovers or mistresses as muses in their works. It has often been suggested that Flora, one of Titian’s more poetic images of a young provocative looking women, was, in fact, his mistress Cecilia, whom he finally married in 1525.
Pablo Picasso was renowned for taking his muses as lovers as is evident in a lot of his work.
So when we view a work of art are we briefly being invited to form our own opinion or cast our own judgment not only on the piece but on the artist themselves.

Titians muse Cecilia.

Titian’s Flora c.1515-1520

Is the artist inviting us to view them as more than just artists, perhaps they are desperate to be seen as people, with emotions and desires with pent up frustrations or hidden agendas that can only be expressed and released through their work,
as art, after all, is a form of expression, a way of venting our feelings, sharing our emotions or possibly even confessing what was not at first obvious, and capturing them for everyone to share. With art, there is always a thought process where an idea is conceived, and then a design process where we decide how to best express our initial thoughts, feelings or emotions. It is a psychological outlet that provides both spiritual relief and satisfaction and invokes emotion in its purest form.
So when an artist creates a piece, are they really laying themselves bare to our approval, or are they just giving us a brief glimpse through a window into their soul, letting us know how they feel, confessing their innermost thoughts or fears through their work, regardless of what we might think.

Some, so-called great works of art look as if a child was fed caffeine and sweets all day and then let loose with a packet of crayons or gallons of paint. It leaves you questioning the piece and wondering whatever was going on in the mind of the artists when they created it, what madness could have invoked such chaos and how can this be taken seriously as art? While others leave you feeling mesmerized and astounded by their beauty and composition, inviting you into a world of make believe where fantasy appears to be reality and, for a brief moment in time you are lost in the artist’s world.

Art excites our minds and teases our emotions. Some works can leave you with a feeling of emptiness, sorrow or remorse, while others excite the senses and dare you to look deeper into the piece and imagine what madness, power, passion or desire inspired such an arousing piece of art. What is it that a work of art has that it can lift you to a higher plain, warming the soul and fueling a passion buried deep within?

Will the Recession effect the art world ?

With falling property prices and people being terrified to sell or buy anything at the moment for fear of great financial loss it got me thinking as to the knock on effect the recession may or for that matter may not have on the art world.

Is the art world immune to recession?

Would a work of art lose or retain its value?
After all a work of art is just that.Can you afford to sit by and ride the market. With the great works of art from the masters the artist is already dead so its not like there will be any more of the item you require to choose from at a later date. Its a one of, there would never be another. There will always be others like it, but never the original. Once a work of art is sold to a gallery or collector the chances of it re-emerging on the one open market are minimal.

It could be argued that a work of art is only worth what a buyer/collector is willing to, or can afford to pay for it and so in an unstable market would it be unlikely for a piece to fetch less than its expected price?

The effect of recession on our Arts-Craft related web sites

It has come to my attention of late that the traffic to my site has dramatically declined. Also alot of my link partners seem to have disappeared and a lot more of the others page ranks along with my own are falling at a scary rate. My only assumption can be that we are all victims of the recession and with this in mind I was thinking. What can we do to ensure our survival and make what we have had to struggled and strive for worth while? I,m not prepared to give up without a fight, are you?