The accidental art critic was originally created as a means for all of us to express our opinions on works of art or any other art related subject.

How ever as time has progressed, I have slowly realised that nobody seems to have an opinion, apart from of course, the wasters who have nothing better to do than try to post random nonsense in a feeble attempt to push their useless sites and products on an unsuspecting public.

Come on, you don’t have to be a student of art nor do you need to be an artist to have your say or participate in this blog.

Ok so my posts are few and far between, but thats mainly due to the tat that I get  back as a response. Does’nt anyone have a  valid comment or opinion on a subject. All comments and opinions are welcome. Unless of course you are one of the ones I mentioned earlier, in which case how about you stop wasting my time and yours for that matter as I will just send your nonsense to the trash. Nobody wants the rubbish you are pushing and they definately dont want to visit your websites. see Disfunctional?

Come on fellow artisans, Now is your chance to voice your opinion and say it how you see it.

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