Colour usage.

I was recently doing some research into how to make my website more attractive and appealing to my visitors. While doing so I stumbled upon several articles and studies about colour and the effects they have on our moods.

This got me to thinking about how colour is used within the arts, and whether specific colours are used during the portrayal of a subject as that is what is expected of the artist. Or then again perhaps they are used as that is what is expected by the viewer.

For example if Giorgione had painted his sleeping Venus  using darker colours, perhaps against a thunderous sky with the trees thrashing in the wind and the hills and houses shrouded in darkness would we still see his Venus as a beautiful young woman resting peacefully on a hill and have that  feeling of calm, peace and serenity when we viewed it, or would we see his venus as a dangerous threat that is to be avoided at all cost.

I pondered on this for a while and then began to think that perhaps an artists choice and use of colour is, in fact, a deliberate way of influencing how we see the work and a way of influencing our mood as we viewed the piece. After all, Venus would still be the same person, an innocent looking maiden sleeping peacefully on a hill, but would we still see the piece this way?

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