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This website is self supporting Learn how: Art, art prints, canvas art and framed art. Artists supplies, artist’s materials, lots of artist’s tips and tutorials including airbrushing.

Arts, Crafts-Teaching resources-DIY-Gardening, Bonsai.
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Hello and welcome to arts-crafts-hobbiesandDIY

We are an arts crafts website dedicated to providing you with the best online arts and crafts resources available.

With pages filled with access to free crfat links, craft resources, craft tutorials, projects and ideas, including access to free illustrated and detailed guides on jewelry making and beading. 

Our art categories contain links to many good Online art stores, original artworks and art prints
You will also find links to some exceptional art tutorials including detailed tutorials on airbrushing, Oil Painting Techniques, Water Colours and some of our own original content on drawing female figurative art, how to build a Pyramid or WWII Anderson shelter and much more.

For parents and teachers our kids educational arts and educational teaching resources can be found by visiting our Kids art education or Kids craft pages which can be found within our drop down menus containing links to a wealth of easily accessible Online Teaching resources, including many other educational resources, arts and crafts games, Math, literacy, Ks1 learning through to advanced level.
There is so much to find and learn.

A brief history:

Arts-crafts-hobbiesanddiy was original set up in 2006 as an Arts and Crafts pixel advertising site. It was based on the Million Dollar homepage, an idea that was conceived and created by the original founder of pixel advertising, Alex Tew, a 21 year old student from Cricklade in Wiltshire who built and sold out the first Million Dollar Homepage, raising it was said over $1,037,100

We saw some advertising success with our Top-Sites pixel page which no longer exists, but as with all novelties and advertising trends, the desire for websites to advertise their products and services in this manner wore off so we began to develop the site further by focusing more on what we believe our visitors wanted, which is good quality, fully categorised, subject related Arts, Crafts content and links that are easy to find and simple to navigate. With high traffic volumes from the USA, the UK, India and Canada we decided instead to offer websites the chance to advertise their Arts, Crafts products and services with in our many Arts & Crafts pages. You can learn more and be kept up to date by reading Our history..